Blink:  Click here to order a copy of the Bellevue Literary review that features Maggie’s short story “Blink,” about a young doctor coping with death and baby showers


Maggie Leffler’s Long Path to Flight, an essay by the author at one of her favorite websites for writers and book lovers:


 The Other Side of the Stethoscope, by Maggie Leffler. Click here to order a copy of The Examined Life, Journal of University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, which contains a doctor-as-patient essay, published in May of 2011.


Maggie Leffler on Writing Amidst Tragedy An essay by the author about writing amidst tragedy at:


A Journey of Revisions by Maggie Leffler – Click here to read an essay written for “ejournal USA,” an international publication for youth audiences. The theme of this particular journal was “Choosing a Career” and the (sometimes) difficult roads to getting there.